I work with my hands … and Karis Quinn is the only thing I want to touch.
She’s curvy, cute-as-a-cupcake, and way too sweet for a hard-ass like me.
When I’m hired to renovate her bakery, I want to do more than strip these floors and make them shine.
I want to make Karis scream my name.
Over and over again.
She may be a virgin, but I’ve got a hammer.
And I know how to use it.

Dear Reader,
Filthy, over-the-top, and the perfect treat.
This one is true love at its finest.
Eli Blake is a blue-collar alpha with more than a tool belt.
This man knows how to seal the deal and put a ring on it.
xo, Frankie & Chantel

Hammers and Veils is a series of short and flirty stories sure to make you melt!


Amazon – https://amzn.to/2PFTJsJ

Goodreads – http://bit.ly/2PM2fXm

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