Banger by Aria ColeRelease Date: 17th November|

Meet Tobias Banger…

He’s the demanding, dominant, sexy-as-sin CEO of Banger Industries, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Every time. He’s built a Fortune 500 company from the ground up. The last thing he needs is a pretty woman distracting him from his empire.

Curvy, sassy secretary Ellis Ford isn’t just any pretty woman…
Fresh out of college, she’s smart, focused, sometimes sarcastic, and trying desperately to contain the wildfire that licks at her insides whenever Mr. Banger calls her name.

One forbidden night while locked in a closet, and the office will never be the same…
The chemistry between Ellis and Tobias sizzles until raw passion ignites in a frenzy of filthy words, frantic lust, and all-consuming basic instinct. He’s hell-bent on claiming her. She’s too blinded by his charm to see the ghosts haunting his dark eyes. Will one night with Tobias be something she’ll live to regret?

Warning: This isn’t your grandmother’s office romance. Tobias Banger has a filthy mouth, and an irresistible charm that drops panties. When he finds the woman he wants, nothing will stop him from taking her. Grab a glass of wine, charge up the Kindle, and prepare to get banged by the boss!

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