Mila Crawford

No Cheating and A HEA!

Meet Mila Crawford

Mila Crawford loves romance, especially dirty short stories. So, she decided to start writing her own.

What can you expect from her books? No cheating, and a HEA!

This is pure obsession, madness walking a tightrope of lust and adoration. I knew this book was incredible when I turned the last page, I found myself starting it all over again! In fact, I continued to read over whole paragraphs, which never happens. There truly aren't enough stars in the rating system much less the sky to encompass my love for these two broken people.

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What You'll Find in Mila's Books

My Bloody Valentine (Unlocked Desire Series)

Stone was my best friend. My protector. My everything.

Until he wasn’t.

Kids like us didn’t have the best life, riddled with trauma, bounced around in a system that didn’t want us and couldn’t handle us. In our darkest hours, we had each other.

Until we didn’t…

Good Girl: Older Man/Younger Woman Romance (Unlocked Desire Series)

Tristen Watt is a man obsessed. Ever since little Sonia Matthew stepped into his orbit the only thing he’s been able to think about is her. Now she is standing in front of him, willing to do anything to get herself out of the mess she is in. 

Tristen wants to be an honorable man but standing there watching the morsel is too much to bear. Now he will do what’s necessary to make Sonia his forever and damn the consequences.

Capture Me (Unlocked Desire Series)

There once was a boy who was trapped by a monster.

He lived a life in flames and learned to forge himself within the fire.

The boy grew to be a man that craved nothing more than violence and vengeance.

He never expected to capture the dark haired beauty who had managed to lodge herself in the deepest, darkest parts of his black heart.

Now he must decide between showing his scars to the beauty or remaining the cold-hearted beast.

I didn’t know what to expect at any point during this book. The hot stuff was VERY hot and the crazy stuff was, well, crazy. I couldn’t put this book down and honestly don’t know how it worked out so well but I guess that’s money for ya! Would definitely recommend, just maybe bring a fan because this book is steamy af.